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The Benchmarking Network Announces Study-

Environmental Compliance and Management Systems

The Benchmarking Network announced a new benchmarking study that will kickoff in the area of Environmental Compliance and Management Systems. Now is the time to become a sponsor and get involved in setting the focus and direction of the study. The study will use an in-depth benchmarking survey to gather processes, practices, technologies used, and measures data so that the top performing companies can be identified. As a sponsor you will participate in on-site site visits to those companies exhibiting \"best practice\" performance level.  The site visits have an all-encompassing process review that covers the whole process as well as key areas identified as outstanding practices.

The study would review Environmental Compliance and Management Systems including research into:

        • Business value;
        • Environmental Management Systems (EMS); and
        • Other Environmental Compliance and Management Systems issues.

To receive detailed information on the content and focus of the study and how you can become a sponsor, contact the us or via phone at 281-440-5044 or online at

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